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CSME Accomplishments

The Center for Science & Mathematics Education (CSME) was established in 2009 to bridge the College of Science and College of Education. Jordan Gerton has served as Director of CSME since October, 2014. Over the past four years, the CSME has pursued four strategies in its work to empower students from all backgrounds to succeed in math and science:

Summary of Accomplishments: October 2014 – December 2018

    • Developed and led a $1M HHMI-funded project to streamline academic pathways for STEM students transferring from Salt Lake Community College to the U (UPSTEM)
    • Initiated and managed a College of Science Learning Assistant (LA) program to enhance student learning and support course and curriculum transformation; 109 LAs were employed in 2018-2019
    • Created new experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates, including a new internship program that has placed over 75 College of Science undergraduates in meaningful internships
    • Developed a plan for academic programming in the Crocker Science Center; currently building a new cohort-based undergraduate research initiative for the College of Science
    • Enhanced the REFUGES summer bridge program which serves 15-20 refugee and first-generation college students each year
    • Developed and offered new undergraduate courses, including a Block U freshman learning community on the Nature of Science and interdisciplinary courses in science communication, nature of science, and science of learning
    • Created a new dedicated staff position for instructional support and teacher development with a focus on equity
    • Leading an NSF-funded project to build a 5-year B.S/M.Ed. secondary science teacher education program in collaboration with the College of Education
    • Collaborating with the College of Education on an NSF-funded project to study and coordinate elementary teacher preparation in math and science
    • Engaged 84 teachers in research experiences with U of U faculty; 19 teachers were funded by the NSF
    • Graduated 74 teachers from the MS for Secondary School Teachers (MSSST) program
      • Developed and secured funding for a new MS program for Physics teachers and graduated the rst cohort of 19 teachers
      • Secured funding from the College of Mines & Earth Sciences for an MS program for Earth Science and enrolled 22 teachers
    • Launched the Elementary STEM Endorsement program and advanced 36 teachers to completion (45 in progress); spun out leadership development cohorts for elementary teachers and school administrators
    • Leading efforts to build a science and math education faculty cluster, including three recent College of Education hires, one new Physics hire, one pending Chemistry hire, and future hires in Math and Biology
    • Launched new CSME Faculty Fellows and Faculty Associates initiatives
    • Offered expanded opportunities for faculty development via workshops, seminars, and learning communities including CSME Exchange and Hugo Rossi Lecture Series
    • Provide academic and social support for 30-50 refugee and New American students on campus for ~10 hours per week in the REFUGES afterschool program
    • Obtained new funding to sustain the REFUGES afterschool program, including a 5-year 21st Century Learning Community grant, and provided new enrichment opportunities for students
    • Secured institutional funding to support the University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair, which brings ~700 high-achieving students to the U for an annual competition