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Hugo Rossi Lecture – Erika Bullock (Mar 5)

Join us for the next Hugo Rossi lecture, hosted by the College of Education:

Equity in Mathematics Education as an Exercise in Benevolence

Erika C. Bullock, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Thursday, March 5, 2020
  • 3:30-4:30pm in SAEC 1220 (College of Education’s Research Hub)
  • reception at 3pm


Over time, the equity conversations in mathematics education have grown, proliferated, and splintered in many ways while Black children have remained at the bottom of the hierarchy of mathematics achievement. In this talk, Dr. Erika C. Bullock will discuss the historical trajectory of equity discourses in mathematics education as moves of benevolence that move to ameliorate Black achievement in mathematics education while maintaining dominant power structures. She will also discuss how equity research upholds benevolence through scientific racism. She will consider the demands that the #BlackLivesMatter movement places on mathematics education and how looking to the Movement for Black Lives can provide some paths forward for mathematics education researchers.




Dr. Erika C. Bullock is Assistant Professor of mathematics education and curriculum studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After teaching mathematics at the high school and two-year college levels in the Atlanta area, she earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Teaching and Learning with a concentration in Mathematics Education from Georgia State University in 2013. Dr. Bullock’s research agenda consists of two key segments: conceptualizing urban mathematics education and historicizing issues in mathematics education. Dr. Bullock is a 2017 National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellows. She won the 2017 Taylor & Francis Best Paper Award for her paper “Only STEM Can Save Us? Examining Race, Place, and STEM Education as Property” published in Educational Studies. She has also published work in Educational Studies in MathematicsThe Mathematics Enthusiast, The Journal of Mathematics Education, The Journal of Education, and Teachers College Record.