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LA Program Testimonials

Becoming a Learning Assistant builds confidence, leadership skills, group facilitation, a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and so much more. Here are some of the stories from past LAs about how valuable an experience becoming a Learning Assistant can be.

Learning Assistant Testimonials

Why should you become a Learning Assistant? Whether you're a transfer student from another institution, a current University of Utah student, looking for a flexible job on campus, or a way to have a meaningful impact on your peers' educational journeys, you'll find personal growth and rewarding experiences working with instructors and students just like you. Let the stories of current and past LAs tell you in their own words:
Teaching seems really scary when you give a 5 minute presentation in class, but becoming an LA is a really great way to learn about...well, learning! Becoming an LA has been a great opportunity to understand what goes into the preparation of the classes I have taken, and I get to help show other students the joys of learning.
I really enjoy participating in the LA Program and it provides me with a valuable experience to gain communication skills and solidify my understanding of the course knowledge.
When I was in my peers' shoes, I appreciated and needed the help from other students who knew more than I did. The LA program allows me to provide this kind of support for my fellow students, so I feel that I'm truly strengthening the campus community. Additionally, I get to revisit foundational concepts, which is beneficial for my higher-level courses.
Being an LA has made me really happy, I get to share my love of physics to others and hopefully rub some of that off on to them and show them that PHYSICS IS FUN!
I love spending time with students in the classes I've been an LA for. The opportunity to learn from them, see their learning process, and have them teach me how to be a better instructor has been wonderful. My LA experience also makes me a competitive applicant to graduate programs because of the skills I’ve developed working on an instructional team and developing course content.
Being an LA really helped me to cement my own understanding of the topics I was teaching as well as improving my abilities to teach other students while interacting with others in a professional setting.
Going through the LA program allows you to learn deeper about your chosen field of study. Being a part of a class's instructional team (after you've taken the class yourself) gives you more clarity, depth, and insight into what you have previously learned.
Being an LA has helped me understand the importance of strategies used in education and how that can impact students learning. It has helped me be able to better teach others and also become a better learner in my own courses.
Having this opportunity to be an LA has made me feel like a part of the community on campus and has helped me feel like I belong here, both with my professor and the students.
I <3 my students. They are the best and if I can help make a difference in their education or make their days brighter then I am content.
Being a part of the LA program helped me grow as a learner, teacher, and as an individual: I understand how I learn, I believe I can learn anything given time, and now I have strategies for lifelong learning. I have become invested in the success of others; I am more cognizant of and prepared to address factors that would impact another's ability to learn effectively, and I’ve learned how to use the strengths of individuals in a group to bring the best out of others. As an individual, I have learned to communicate more effectively, ask intelligent/specific questions, and I have made meaningful relationships.
Being an LA has helped me to gain experience as an instructor rather than a learner. In the past as a learner, Learning Assistants have been very helpful resource to my learning experience, and I hope that I have done the same for some of the students that I have LA'd for.
As a learning assistant, I have had the privilege of working with students and helping them to understand course material in a meaningful and engaging way. As an international student, this is a great opportunity to practice my English-speaking skills.
As an international student, I think sometimes it’s very difficult to explain every concept carefully. However, having more interactions with students help me to get more familiar with a clearer teaching skills. Also, I think the LA training is valuable since I was a bit lost and unconfident teaching students before becoming LA. Talking to other LAs and teachers can help me strengthen my teaching and communication skills. I love taking the training class and every reading material is interesting. The training improve myself and help me get more involved and become more active in classes!
Participating as an LA provided me with valuable teaching experience, which adds luster to my resume. I have also learned about pedagogy, which will provide me with better opportunities in my future work and teaching.
I've loved being a learning assistant! It's rewarding to be able to share my knowledge and insight with students, and help them learn along with me. As a support for the students, I can give them another perspective on the material and supplement the instruction they receive from professors. As I help students understand concepts, I understand those concepts better myself, which in turn helps me explain them better in the future. I'm continually learning better ways to explain difficult ideas or coach students through tough problems. Teaching others makes me a better learner, and provides me with the tools to succeed academically as I help my students do the same.