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Meet the Learning Assistants that help our students be successful

Anika Tindall

Anika Tindall

Mentor Learning Assistant

“While we do our best as educators to provide for our students, human error and unconscious bias still exist, I want to find ways to ensure that all students, now and in the future, are given the same opportunities throughout all higher education.”

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Yu-an "Andy" Chan

Learning Assistant

Understanding how people think differently helped him learn and develop his own ideas. Now through teaching, Chan not only gains a sense of achievement from helping his students, but also continues to strengthen his background knowledge.


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Kayla Rebentisch

Kayla Rebentisch

Learning Assistant

As a Learning Assistant for an Intermediate Algebra course during the fall 2023 semester, Rebentisch enjoys helping students approach problems in various ways. “[Math is like] learning a new language and it can be really frustrating when it’s not done in a way that supports and advocates for the students… so I am glad I get to help.”

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Hannah Schmutz

“I enjoy the camaraderie of working with other assistants and the professor,”

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