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Remote Instruction Workshop 1

Getting up to speed for summer courses

This workshop explores course structure/organization, student engagement, and assessments. Facilitators include Matt Cecil (Mathematics), Claudia De Grandi (Physics & Astronomy), Holly Godsey (Geology & Geophysics), Greg Owens (Chemistry), and Naina Phadnis (Biological Sciences).

The video is separated into 5 chapters:

  • Main Session (see time points below for specific presentations)
      • 0:00 Introduction (presenter: Jordan Gerton)
      • 7:40 Course organization, structure & planning (presenter: Naina Phadnis)
      • 28:03 Student engagement (presenter: Matt Cecil)
      • 46:46 Assessment (presenter: Greg Owens)
      • 1:05:21 Reconvening after breakout sessions (presenter: Jordan Gerton)
  • Breakout: Course Structure & Organization (facilitator: Naina Phadnis)
  • Breakout: Student Engagement (facilitator: Matt Cecil)
  • Breakout: Assessment (facilitator: Greg Owens)
  • Breakout: Teaching Labs (facilitator: Claudia De Grandi)