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Remote Instruction Workshop 3

Managing your instructional team for student success

This workshop explores methods for effectively deploying instructional support personnel (TAs, LAs, etc.) in virtual courses while implementing a variety of modes of instruction. Facilitators/planners include: Adam Beehler (Physics & Astronomy), Jessica Cleeves (CSME), Kevin Davenport (Physics & Astronomy), Claudia De Grandi (Physics & Astronomy), Gina Frey (Chemistry), Jordan Gerton (Physics & Astronomy), Naina Phadnis (Biological Sciences), Holly Sebahar (Chemistry).

This video is separated into 4 chapters:

  • Main Session (see time points below for specific presentations)
      • 0:00 Introduction (presenter: Jordan Gerton)
      • 6:05 Structuring your course for effective and purposeful use of instructional support personnel in virtual settings (presenters: Kevin Davenport, Adam Beehler, Holly Sebahar)
      • 38:08 Panel discussion on course structure (facilitator: Jessica Cleeves)
      • 49:05 Modifying TA training to better support online teaching (presenter: Claudia De Grandi)
      • 53:07 LA training for online environments (presenter: Jessica Cleeves)
      • 57:49 Managing and supporting your instructional team (presenters: Gina Frey, Adam Beehler, Claudia De Grandi)
      • 1:17:52 Reconvening after breakout sessions (presenter: Jordan Gerton)
  • Breakout: LA student experience panel discussion (facilitator: Jessica Cleeves)
  • Breakout: Structuring your course (facilitators: Kevin Davenport, Holly Sebahar, Naina Phadnis)
  • Breakout: Managing your instructional team (facilitators: Adam Beehler, Claudia De Grandi, Gina Frey)